2GB New Song

This new song by 2GB titled ‘Tulia’ a production of Bomba music has a pedestrian kind of feel about it. The instrumentation has nothing exciting about it just another Kapuka beat with no much level of creativity. The music producer did a shoddy job here because by 2GB voice a chakacha or taarab influenced instrumentation would have been much better. The mastering is ok however the vocal taking lacks imagination, the harmony are just ok doing a disservice to the lyrics of the song.

The video by directed by Richie-G is superb especially the various shots incorporated from the kitchen, boat ride, attire changes are very exceptional. Richie-G was given a ‘kawaida song’ and his magic nearly made it a A-class song. The steamy boat scenes nearly salvaged the whole project, the see through clad 2GB wore and standing in front of her bae is something wow. I believe 2GB can deliver better than this for her mistake is working with whack audio producer but anyway here is the video.

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