One way to recognize true vision is when you persevere in your dream regardless of great obstacles.

When many people think about their dreams, they say, “Oh, no, that’s impossible for me to do,” so they settle down to do something lesser and end up being unfulfilled.

The problem is often that we have been trained and brainwashed by our societies to dream small, think small, expect small, and not try to do anything too big.

When we compare what we are told to see in the “real” world with our own dreams, our visions seem unrealistic and start to fade away. Yet if a vision is truly from God, we are meant to continue on, no matter what the difficulty.

Therefore, if you have a genuine vision from God, you will need to develop persistence. A vision should always focus on helping humanity or building up others in some way.

A true vision will not take the form of building a big business just so you can have millions of dollars, an expensive home, a sleek car, and a vacation house on the beach.

These things are goals, but they are not vision—in fact, they are probably selfish ambition.

Why? Because they build your kingdom rather than God’s kingdom. Your vision might well involve making a large amount of money.

The difference, however, is in your motivation and attitude toward the money. Your perspective on your finances should be God-centered; not self-centered.

You need to treat your finances as a resource God has provided to fulfill your vision, not as a tool to fill your life with luxuries.

Another way you can know that a vision is real is when it is the only thing that gives you true satisfaction.

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