Childish Gambino is overrated, “This is America” just a copycat from Octopizzo “NU AFRICA”, Says Mister Money Boy

I work across the borders, interacting with all types and kinds of creative arts. I respect local talent and I know the wonders and magic local artistes can perform in the international airwaves. Am beating around the bush huh!

Well! Let’s put it this way, am seen all sorts of parody on the international release of Octopizzo’s RMX. Am talking about Childish Gambino’s awesome track “This is America” .

I am not hating on you Gambino! You got skill, you got ideas, but I see Octo’s work as working local and impacting global as opposed to the evident based thinking global and acting local!

We are changing the way the world thinks and the way the globe works, we are shaping it from our roots, staying up-tight with our heritage and shaping the perception and reaction of the international community on our creations.. If you gotta go ten years and beyond then you gotta be real and original bro Gambino.

I am not asking for a mention or credit, am just saying we are too humble from the ground here to want to claim what belongs to us.

We will keep doing what is real, and what speaks to our people! Do you know not that we took some legends home for us to be where we are?

Now back to our good friends, we grant more than 200 Million views to a copycat and ignore our own. So when shall your the local artiste ride in the Ashtons? While all we do is take their bread away?

We sell our pride just like we sold our African kingdoms just to watch royal weddings on live TV!

Now we gotta say “This is Kenya, this is Africa for you”.  We can do better.

Back to you Childish Gambino, I paid for this space: I paid to say you famous for a minute but the young puffy did it first!

No apologies in RAP anyway, but are you claiming that rigging is a new skill from Russia to America? Waiting for your Next Year  album!

FYI: Am ready to bid for a real time proof that we shape the airwaves, but you guys come through in the name of helping us!

Am convinced we better rulers in this game!

Octopizzo Nu Africa Released July 18, 2017


Childish Gambino This is America May 05, 2018




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