Dreams Ain’t About Bedwetting Only!

Heeeeeeey, it’s been really long, you know with African parents you must have a degree so they can have something to brag about in their chats, so exams kept me away for a while but I’m baaack..

*waits for the applause to end *

So on this other day I was wondering who’s greater between the dreamers of the day and the night dreamers,!

So as to be clear, the dreamers of the day, for lack of a better name, are the guys who dream with their eyes open, they will see that rolls royce and picture themselves having it, they’ll imagine themselves owning that condominium or having that ranch.

They could be earning peanuts at their current jobs but their dreams are far beyond what can pass as being achievable.

On the other hand are the night dreamers. They experience all sorts of dreams. Some will dream being chased by dragons from a movie they watched before they went to sleep, others will have all this kind of funny stories of how the can’t even recall how the dream ended.

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Now the difference between the two categories of dreamers is very clear….

The dreamers of the day dream with their eyes open, they can write down their vision, come up with strategies on how to achieve it and the time that it will take to get to where their dream shows them.

This dreamers are focused, they are ready to count the cost and pay the price. They can forgo extravagant spending and living beyond their means because they are harnessing their resources for a greater course.

It’s just a matter of time for them and the dream becomes a reality.

Now for the second category of dreamers, the only time their dreams come to reality is when they dream of having stopped somewhere to pee…..

You can always choose the kind of dreamer that you wanna be, while we have lil control of what we dream of at night, the day time dreaming is left entirely to you, thrive on that freedom, dream like you’re being paid to and take action

So that you know, nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible…

…. So go honey… Go chase your dreams……..

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