He Daent Want You To Know About This, Smh

Have you ever wondered why,your boyfriends’ friend will always refer to you as the main chic even though he’s aware you’re not somewhere near the top five in your guys list???

We end up Bitching on how this guys are so wicked, because we expect them to sell out their friend to us,

To tell us that they just playing around, they ain’t serious with us, that there are also other chics whom you share his heart with…….

Well, if you’re still daydreaming about the day that this will happen, then I’ve got some awfully pretty good news for you!

Honey….. Keep calm… Go buy chocolates…. Eat without worrying about getting fat….. After a whole go poo…… I assume you won’t leave the toilet seat up…. Now you’re ready to hear this…




I believe you gat some wipes with you……
Lemme break this to you, men have their bro codes that they follow to their graves.

The keep on adding to the list day in day out, and guess what, they’re 101% loyal to the bro codes.

I think someone once told you that expectations disappoint, yes they were right, you keep expecting a guy to do some shit for you but he’ll never do…. Not because he daent care but because of this damn bro codes.

Tbh, I love the loyalty that guys have for each other,bravo for that, I’m now wishing I was born one

Here a gat some codes for you, maybe they can shed some light to things that you’ve been wondering about or you ever did:

If a bro is bull shitting to get laid, the other bro has to support it

Bros dont stand close to each other while peeing

Bros before hoes, ladies counter attack with the bitches before niggas code

Bros only complement each other, if it’ll earn him some points to the lady he’s trying to impress

No matter what happens,Bros will always clear their search history

Bros stand by each other in times of difficulties

Bros gat each others back no matter what

When the Bros girlfriend enquires about his whereabouts, you know nothing, always

When a bro appoints you as his wingman, so shall it be, you can’t fail him

A bro is only a wingman for a certain situation, after that, the other bro is on his own

Bros may treat a chic like a bro, even have her in their circle if she has proven herself worthy , but they’ll never tell her about the bro codes, they’ll disguise it as “common courtesy”

A bro cannot ask for gas money from another bro

If a bro dies while lifting weights, thee shall add more weight on him before dialing 911

A bro will never let a bro drive while drunk, they always have the one bro who either daent drink or has mastered how to drive under the influence of vileo

Bros won’t allow each other to drunk text or call a gal, if she happens to call, the phone will be hidden from him

A bro will always make excuses for the other bros action, no matter how clueless he maybe or stupid it may sound

Bros keep their promises to one another

Bros always keep a distance from their Bros chics

A bro can’t hook up with a bros ex galfie

However a bro can pursue a Bros failed target

A bro will always take of the other bro while drunk, he’ll be sure to protect him and tell him all the nasty stuff he was doing or saying while drunk

Bros dont make fun about things that will affect each other, like making fun of their physical appearance

A bro shall not stare at another naked bro

When they pick a team, they remain loyal to it till the day after forever

A bro is allowed to do stupid things only if the other Bros are doing it

Bros dont send birthday cards to each other

Bros never punch each other in the groin no matter how serious their fight is

A bro will always leave the toilet seat up for the other Bros

Bros know how to keep secrets to the grave

Bros dont use umbrellas

If a bro finds his Bros girlfriend attractive, he’ll keep it to himself till they break up

Bros respect each other drinks, they can’t temper with them

Bros dont carry pics of other Bros in their wallets

A bro is not allowed to pursue a Bros sister, but the cousin is Okey

Bros dont share drinks and popcorns at the cinema

Bros can’t get laid by gal Bros

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