If You Want A Good Relationship Just Work On It Hard And Never Stop

Issues of relationship are rife in the airwaves with each radio presenter forming a platform to ventilate about what one is going through. The men blame the women while the women blame the men. It is a classic cul de sac with no  solution unless we understand that it takes one man and one woman to work out a perfect relationship. Here are a 14 tips to consider and do when in a relationship for it to be fulfilling…

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1.Do or say something daily to show your appreciation.

2.Realize every relationship has value, regardless of how long it lasts.

3.Never take your partner for granted.

4.It’s not what you fight about—it’s how you fight.

5.Stop trying to be each other’s “everything.” 

6.Sex is not all about orgasm but much more.

7.Look for someone with similar values. 

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8.Try a nicer approach.

9.Make sure you’re meeting your partner’s needs.

10.Take care of yourself.

11.Don’t forget to keep things hot.

12. Remove the pressure on bed performance.

13.Create a fulfilling life for yourself.

14.Identify your “good conflicts,” and work on them together. 

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