Kenya Most Explicit Music Video Has Garnered Over 86K Views

The music is definitely hip hop however this new school kinda hip hop and the lyrics are well delivered with a matching attitude praising ‘Pussy’. The artiste in question has not given his artistic name however considering the views and shares Kenya love this video as they call it ‘Chini ya maji’. What for now is clear he is a Nakuru based artiste.

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The entire video shoot is done in  a semi-dark bedroom with a little clothed model doing some bed moves. The way she grinds leaves nothing to imaginations and how she does it is like she loves doing it anyway. The thong is pulled a number of times which gives the impression that sampling has happened before the shoot.

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The most artistic shoot is when the model is grinding between the artistes legs with her thong and the artiste has his trousers on then as a professional you know this whole video nothing was happening, they were just playing with your active imaginations. The musician has lyrics and i definitely will be on the look out for his next project.

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