Labalaa Drops A New Hip Hop Joint

Labalaa one half of the ‘Wakamba Wawili’ fame has dropped a new hip hop jam that is a very exceptional song even depending from this veteran. The song is titled ‘Siku Inakuja’ the chorus is sung in English by some singer who is good and Labalaa delivers his verses in a classic hip hop standard, the instrumental is very good and trumpets in the song enhances the overall quality of the audio ‘Mbona umependa beef na umeogopa jela’ is one of the stand out vocal delivery. Maefamm Ent has done a good job in the song and i like the female harmonizing vocals too.

The video is shoot by a shore perhaps Lake Magadi although am not sure where, the solitary nature of the visuals improves the nostalgic feeling in the video which is good. The translation of the images is good and at the end when he is joined by the two other guys along a railway line it brings the brotherhood in life despite the struggles therein. The lights play in the video shows how ‘xbenjoes’ is good in his video directing job. Here is the song watch…


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