Laura Stacy Announcing Machakos With A New Jam

Laura Stacy music titled ‘Salama’is one easy listening ballad stating how there are many Kenyan singers who do not get radio or television play. A RedRes Records production definitely an on point piece of art with skillful instrumentation, it exemplifies dexterity especially the strings that makes the chorus…Machakos has arrived. Laura Stacy writing skills are very good for an underground artiste, this love ballad is worth listening at all times however i recommend when your lady or man pays you a visit then you want to create some memorable moment.

The video script is well written, it begins with Laura Stacy sitting on a wooden chair, the silhouette shoots are very good breaking the monotony of the pictures. The male dancer in the video is a hit with some killer moves very commendable, what really stand out is how the video-grapher  used nature to make quality video. The last kind of such usage was in Damian Marley song “Set Up Shop’, Neo Manuel your are the guy with the marbles.

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