Art is something that really needs to be expressed to the masses, art feeds the soul and art is always special in its own kind of way. Art is life, art displays the hidden mind.

The are a lot and different kind of art, some display their art by bringing art into life musically and poetically, others through carvings, modelling, painting, graffiti and many other forms.

Well for our feature artist of the day we will focus on sanjay art an artist who brings life to art through the gift of his hands.

some of the pieces he as done.


Sanjay art is out to try new ideas along the line of his talent, he has matured from simple sketches to well perfected and detailed drawings .

one of the portrayed he did in recognition of victoria kimani
Work in progress










He is set to display his art in the kenya art fair scheduled for November this year.

Sanjay art also says he earns a living from his art and most of his customers are ever satisfied, and us the saying goes “a happy customer is a satisfied customer.

You can follow his work on facebook at sanjay art or call him on +254706859934 to place your orders.

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