Mister Money Boy Edition

“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong,”

-Peter T. Mclntyre

“Young people, there is no such thing as overnight success. Focus on creating wealth that will sustain your livelihood and create a lasting legacy. Even those who win the jackpot must invest their money for sustainability purposes,”

  • Chris Kirubi

Media Owner, Entrepreneur, Mentor


 Performing Musician, Communications, Story Telling and Media Expert, Emmanuel Mutisya NGUI alias “SLEEK MC the Mister Money Boy” will lead the annual tour tagged #MisterMoneyBoyEdition spearheading a youth-LED-initiative with a series of events held in and around Nairobi. The focus of the events will be celebrating the theme “My Today! My Future!” with a special focus on using arts to build resilience among young people; the engagement of young men and women in pre-entrepreneurial models that equip them with business ideas and link to financial bodies in preparation for their future and openings to vocational trainings to equip them with competent skills as future employees and leaders.

The guiding principles will be a major highlight on coming up with ideas that promote the awareness and implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the Resolution 2250 of the United Nations. Led by the artiste (SLEEK MC), the initiative also calls out to more male participants to create models and offer support through other avenues as such as financial aid toward initiatives that empower and protect young women.  The event will feature dialogues engaging high level speakers from top organizations and agencies with young participants in the events, and thereafter, a fun afternoon of music and dance.

My Today! My Future! 

 My Today! My Future!  honors the spirit of Youth as Agents of Change, a global initiative that promotes the inclusion of young people in governance, decision making processes, post-conflict and public space making.

 #MisterMoneyBoyEdition through the theme My Today! My Future! unites young people, NGOs, organizations of the United Nations System, the 193 Member States of the United Nations, the private sector, civil society, academic institutions and individual citizens in a global partnership in support of young people’s innovation, diversity, and acceptance of young people as agents of change and not a threat to change. Advocacy for Youth-Led-Development was initiated in the United Nations Resolution 2250.

#MisterMoneyBoyEdition seeks to amplify this cause by calling out on more male gender representatives to create avenues that promote empowerment of more young women to equal opportunities.  This will be achieved by creating awareness about the need to empower more young people from early adverse ages by motivating and equipping them with competent skills, knowledge and capital for them to be considered and included in higher global development processes.

#MisterMoneyBoyEdition will focus on engaging and mobilizing people throughout the world to show support for young people engaging in creative arts directed toward innovation for development. Its messages will be shared with governments and communities’ leaders concerned that empowering young people may bring physical and economic insecurity. 

The Day of the event will highlight solidarity with young people and showcase the shared benefits of youth innovation to economies and nations, while also acknowledging legitimate concerns of young people taking part in leadership and business roles. Ultimately, it will be about bringing young people together and reminding them of their potential and the significance to adding knowledge value to their personal development. 

Context: Youth –LED- Development  

Young people will have a vital role to play. They can volunteer to welcome and help protection of the global goals in their communities. They can also extend the hand of friendship to young refugees and migrants who they might meet in their classrooms and neighborhoods.

Throughout the world    , more than 600 million young people live in fragile and conflict affected contexts.[1] These young people are most affected by the multiple and often interlinked forms of violence – from political violence and criminal gangs to organized crimes and terrorist attacks that plague their countries and communities. This violence bears enormous and long-lasting human, social, and economic costs.[2] Lack of access to education, basic social services, economic opportunities, grievance over injustices, and a generalized distrust in the capacity of the state to account for its citizens are fueling a cycle of poverty, hopelessness and frustration. “Engaging youth is one of the strongest ways to empower youth and ensure sustainable future development – since youth (young men) are predominantly the ones engaging in negative influences for lack of fulfilling opportunities.”[3]


For almost a decade, Sleek MC has played a key role in supporting and working alongside young people in the youth-led-development process through a number of evidence-based models, as such as The Sleek Community, the sleek Tour and The Sleek Academy

Research shows that young people can and do play an active role as agents of positive and constructive change. The adoption of Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security marks the formal recognition of the positive role young women and men can play in the success of SDGs.


The goal of the events will be to launch #MisterMoneyBoyEdition focusing on the theme of “My Today! My Future!” giving communities a chance to advocate for youth empowerment and profile best practices in implementing sustainable development. A focus will be on youth as agents of change and a call of action to more young people to engage in more innovative development processes to support the Youth 2030 agenda.

Highlighted during the events will be signing an MOU on the sleek Academy which is a joint model by the sleek Television, the sleek Community and the sleek Academy Awards to support youth with vocational training opportunities in preparation for future employment, equipping them with entrepreneurial skills, mentoring them with life skills to protect them by building resilience, a and opening volunteer activities to increase their participation in community activities. The Sleek Academy uses a more youthful approach to the normal education curriculum by using arts to build resilience among young people. The Sleek led by Sleek MC uses talents empowerment events as a mobilizing tool to bring youth together for educational and vocational training. The Sleek Academy focuses on creating opportunities aligned to the promotion of Sustainable Development.


The goal of the dialogues will be to highlight evidence-based promising practices in youth empowerment, such as:

  • Innovation and Business
  • Youth Participation
  • Education versus Talent

In most developing countries, youth make up a significant proportion of the population. Youth typically have the least secure employment, poor security of tenure and little voice in government. As a result, they are the most susceptible to propaganda and most likely to become involved in civil unrest.

Innovation and Business

Employment and economic empowerment is essential to strengthen peace and ensure stability. Youth represent a major resource for skilled and unskilled labor. Furthermore, youth provide innovation and longevity as employees. However, too often youth are left out of employment planning, are unable to find work and are left vulnerable. Unemployed and disengaged youth are highly susceptible to become involved in conflict.

Guiding Questions

  1. How can we create more innovative approaches to job creation for young girls?
  2. How can young girls become ‘experts’ in their fields of interest?
  3. What are some of the challenges facing young girls in business?

What are some of the possible solutions?


Developing countries are reported as areas typically with fragile institutions and poor rule of law. An essential component of strengthening of these institutions is by making them transparent, accountable and open. However, too often the necessity of maintaining order among vibrant-growing youth over-rides these principles. In order to build trustworthy institutions, it is vital that the public are allowed to participate in governance.

As such, it is essential that youth, in this case, young girls are involved in decision-making and reconstruction efforts. Engaging young girls in decision-making processes increases their full participation in society, creates a strong sense of belonging and ensures that their most basic needs are met, including access to decent employment. This improves the sustainability of peace and trust in institutions.  The more specific youth group is young girls playing the role of activists and advocates of global equality merging forces with other global campaigns as such as #EndFGM #EndViolenceAgainstWomen #Orangetheworld.

Guiding Questions:

  1. Are the opinions and ideas of young girls valued in your society?
  2. Are young girls enabled and encouraged to participate in governance in your community? Why?
  3. How can we empower more young girls into leadership roles without making the boy child to feel threatened?

Education versus Talent

Talents hold major appeal to youth, both young men and young women. Talent is an essential tool to engage youth, involve them in the community and build community chttps://www.facebook.com/iamsleekmc/ohesion. Exploiting talent can also be used as a bridge between different communities, ethnic groups, religious groups etc.

In addition, the most celebrated personalities among youth are those excelling in talent and such individuals and groups are often the foundation for a strong community, and can be utilized as advocacy groups, representative groups and a voice for the community. The personalities have a very strong presence in the community, are well respected and can have a strong influence and presence. However, during youth empowerment efforts it is vital to build and empower strong teams, engage community, and encourage participation by adding the knowledge value to young people through education.

Guiding questions:

  1. What role can talent play in building employment opportunities for young people?
  2. What skills do you think education offers in building talents?
  3. Do you think men are more engaged in talent activities than women?
  4. What can the institution do to grow local talents and foster without losing the focus on education at the same time?
  5. How can we protect today’s girl against the rising issue of feminism as represented in many forms of modern arts?


[1] United Nations Development Programme, UNDP Youth Strategy 2014‒2017: Empowered Youth, Sustainable Future. New York, 2014. Available from http://www.undp.org/content/dam/undp/library/Democratic%20Governance/Youth/UNDP_Youth-Strategy-2014-17_Web.pdf.

[2] World Bank, World Development Report 2011. Washington, D.C., 2011.

[3] IBID.



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