Money Making Online Has Gone A New Level, Are You On Board?

Kenyans’ have many ways of seeking money and it seems everyone has a side hustle or business. This now has gone digital with the coming of ‘’ a digital social marketing tool that is benefiting advertisers and users earn money by viewing the adverts.

The amount of money earned depends on which level you are on by the lowest free level is ten adverts per day adding to one hundred shillings per day (starter) and when you upgrade to business basic by paying a fee of Kshs 4500 you receive 25 adverts per day earning you Kshs 250, the third category is the which you pay Kshs 14000 you receive 50 adverts per day then ultimately business gold category you part which Kshs 90000 and you receive 100 adverts per day. The fees are paid annually.

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Reports have been in the media about this is not a business but a scam which is set to con Kenyans’ of their hard earned money. Some reports call it a pyramid scheme which basically it is not true. Lets us look at the facts. A pyramid scheme is a form of investment (illegal in the US and elsewhere including Kenya) in which each paying participant recruits two further participants, with returns being given to early participants using money contributed by later on ones. 

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In publiclikes the point of growth is recruiting members but the earning from this is Kshs 100 per day if the members is in the business basic category and you have to be active everyday in your account to receive this benefit. This is the point of growth also the many members you recruit equals increment to your income. The money the recruiter earns is not dependant on the member money contribution but the members clicks which is different from any pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is easy to know for your earnings depends on recruiting new members even the principle investment like the joining fee which is not the same in publiclikes.

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The facts about publiclikes is all about a new kind of business that it’s novelty is causing some fearful people to refuse to make money because they do not want to risk. Anyone knows that to fall in love you risk a heart break equally to eat an omelette you must break an egg therefore to make money online you must understand the facts then make an informed decision therefore while everyone is joining the money wagon,will you stay out? Here is the joining link….

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