Mr Vegas Calls Shabba Ranks The Biggest Diva In Dancehall Scene

Mr Vegas is ranting about Shabba Ranks because of a show they were to perform in England together. The show organiser had hired ‘Ruff Cut Band’ to back up the artistes and according to Mr Vegas; Shabba Ranks two weeks to the show commands the show organizer that Mr Vegas should look for another band other than the one he is using.

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The drama was a whole bigger because Mr Vegas claims that Shabba Ranks also locks up the dress room for any other artistes when he is in there to use it alone. Mr Vegas claims that Shabba Ranks treats everyone like groupies which they are not.

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Shabba Ranks has done this also to Beenie man in a show in Trinidad according to Mr Vegas with the same band. The drama never ends because Mr Vegas says Shabba Ranks have been around more than him and they are not competing in anything…here watch as Mr Vegas speaks himself about the whole saga. 

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