Musicians Beware Graphic Artistes May Put You In Legal Troubles

The issue of copy right law is gaining a lot of ground in Kenya therefore many musicians who are ignorant of it may find themselves in serious legal troubles. Earlan Bartley aka Alkaline is in legal trouble after a graphic artiste who made the cover art to his new single ‘Nice & Easy’. The girl in the cover picture (here on top) of nice & easy which was taken in 2010 by a photographer called ‘JSN Basset’ on Instagram; is named ‘Nerissa Neferteri’ . The graphic artiste used the picture without permission of the photographer and now Alkaline is the one paying for it.

The bottom line is perhaps Alkaline did not actually know on how the graphic artiste got the picture and made the single cover art. He had no idea how a fellow professional ought to go about his business however he is in legal trouble over the same. Musicians should know how they engage other professional in their work because copyright infringement is real and here in Kenya is just a matter of time before someone will be suing someone over a picture.


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