Nakuru First Lady New Video

Rosebella Adhiambo Oruko aka Bella Beila a signee of Onyx Music since 2014 has released a brand new music titled ‘No Where To Hide” an exceptional piece of art. It is an upbeat tempo kind of RnB jam very rare in the Kenyan music scene. The song is sung in English delivered in a very good manner and i could not help but notice the harmonies especially on the chorus. The song producer knows his thing, the instrumental is well structured like the begining of the second verse.. the tom drums.

The video is something that gets me wanting more of it, The attire of ‘Bella Beila’ the earing are some and her hot pant especially a woman from the lake shore….no comment. The change of images with the one she is sitting on a television set is very innovative. The video script writing and directing not forgetting the editing are very exceptional work considering the whole music is shot on one corner of a room. The singer can dance,check it for yourself.

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