Sunday Special: Meet “Qui Qarre” Nairobi Queen of poetry

When the internet begins murmuring, then you know that a super star is rising from among the crowd. The new age community does not just talk about nobody. In the current day, we have seen the power of bloggers and new careers emerge tagged “influencers”. Though the word influencer is yet to be featured officially as a part of the English language family, it is obvious that if these people talk about you,  there is something striking about you, your character , good or bad.

Qui Qarre has being on the finger “lips” of social media users, and for once, the sleek TV established a Nairobi Queen faithfully growing without so much drama like we all know how it goes… social lite manenoz…She is a Nairobi based poet who has continued to wow her fans with her wisdom and intellect that is way above her expected age. It is still unclear if she is still nineteen as her profiles indicate, but truth be told, with her mature vybz, some local rappers might just be risking their early retirement from the industry.

Positive vybz, positive energy, positive dreams for the African woman is the attitude this poet Queen walks by.

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Qui Qarre with Steve Roqua Anariko after an interview on the TREND on NTV

Musicians strive to be  featured on main stream media and news websites to increase their brand value. But look, she is not all over, but she has a personal gig happening on July 1st 2017 at Ufnngamano House, University of Nairobi. 

Something other artistes can borrow from Qui Qarre  when it comes to brand value is the attribute of self confidence,and self belief. Provided you are doing a recommendable job out there, people, cooperates and media will always discover you and want to identify with you. Many artistes are busy chasing after media presenters and news anchors to get a single slot only to forget to build on more valuable content.

Once you get that media airtime, interview or song played, what next? You lack a strategy! You lack management!No wonder most of these main stream musicians are still idling in their houses: with no money: with nowhere to go since they are hiding their faces from the world. You will not hide forever, just come out and learn from what others are doing.

Qui Qarre is amazing because she has taking her time to invest in quality content, which is now the striking difference between herselfImage may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and other one hit musicians.

Let us be honest with one another: How many musicians do you know that can confidently host an event at the KICC and attract a 1000+ audience? If you are musician reading this article, you may have no choice but to agree that you only target places where the audience is readily available. A good example is what a popular music group did in a country tour last year. The trendy music group was very particular to only hold concerts at institutions with a students’ population above 500. They tried an event at Uhuru Park, and only five up-town girls were screaming and singing along their songs. They actually had to sing a certain western hit “mukangala”. That is when the Uhuru Park guys came closer to the dais. 

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You are too busy chasing television and radio presenters who do not own the shows anyway as they depend on behind the scenes producers who determine who comes to the show, when and why. Stop wasting too much Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, sunglasses and outdoorof your energies.

There is also another musician who was trending last year because he was doing some “dirty” lyrics. He also took his dirty lyrics to Uhuru Park for a free entry show, but only attracted two hundred less audience out of the millions of Nairobians we have around that garden every single day, every hour. They are only super stars because their music plays on television and radio. Out here, the masses don’t want to associate with them.

So, go girl. If this is your moment of fame, shine like you are the last star left in the sky. Let the world see you, let the world see through you. Her social media profiles are so clean. Not sure whether she suspected that the sleek TV gossiper was coming but we found this one pic with a fellow poet that the editor has refused to caption.

We got this on poet Teller 254 timeline perhaps just supporting a “sisters” event but the sleek TV gossiper says the astrology venus and mars were falling at the same time when the photo was posted. She also feels more comfortable leaning on one side of his chest. This photo is unique because all other pics she keeps her distance from team ma-ahem! Sneeze that! Since it was not her profile, we therefore declare Qui Qarre a clean public figure.

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We will be watching you for more positive stories. Big up yourself and good luck at your forthcoming event.

Book your ticket for  Qui Qarre coming event TEARS OF THE PEN ON JULY 1ST 2017 .

See all details in the linked poster below:




Her profiles have nothing much to show to the sleek TV gossiper, however, we found her to be really close with one poet Teller 254. whom the sleek TV gossiper says has refused to open up on the nature of their relationship.

the sleek TV

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