That Fine Line In Between…

I’ve Been playing some mind games of late and came to this intriguing realization that in life, almost everything is a matter of a fine line in between two awful extremes.

Lemme break it down…
So there’s this job that you’ve been applying for God knows how many times now, you don’t wanna give up because you’ll be dubbed a loser…..

They all say that winners never quit…..

But every odd is working against you, your qualifications are wanting, you dont even have the minimum experience required…. But you still keep on trying hoping that you’ll mysteriously get the post….

So, is that hope or delusion???

Scenario two….
You do work at this charity organization, that has been helping out the needy in the society, but since curiosity is your second name, you start digging into the founders’ life so as to know where he gets his money from…

You’re really a lucky buddy, because you’ve found out that the founder, Max , who is the only son of a prominent senator, has been into drugs, prostitution and gambling…..

And because you’ve never came across this cliche…. “don’t poke your nose where it daent belong”….. You seek to expose him

Max, the founder of the organization you work for, gets to know bwt your underway plans and confronts you, because exposing him would imply that the organization collapses and his clean image will be tainted….

He has to let you know the repercussions of going on with your digging, so he physically assaults you!

You on the other hand, take pics of the injuries, have them framed and stored in a safe deposit box!

When Max realizes you dint stop with the investigation, he gets enraged, and approaches you at your house with a double edged sword drawn….
You realize you have no option left, so you shoot him in self defense…..

Mark you.. That’s the son of a prominent senator, and no one can get away with killing him, despite the fact that you did it in self defense, the senator has really got good connections and thus he’ll take the law in his hands and Avenge..

You’re really shocked at the moment, so you call your dad to chew the bone with….

Luckily your papa is also a cop with good connections.. So he has to get a fall guy and frame him for the murder….

There’s this guy, who has been in and out of prison for the last thirty years.. Has kidnapped and killed more than ten women in the past, raped children and robbed banks….

Aint this the perfect guy to frame?? Yeeees he is…. So your dad goes ahead and does that….

Meanwhile, he has already organized for you to leave the country, using an alias of course, and you have to stay underground till the grieving senator gets over his son…

This plan is already flawless… But you don’t want anyone to go down for what you did, you feel guilty that someone else is taking the fall.

So before fleeing, you take the gun that you used, to the same safe deposit box that has them pics that Max assaulted you… Hoping that one day someone will find them, add the dots and understand that

Max abused you physically (pics evidence), thus you killed him in self defense(the gun, once some tests have been done on it, your fingerprints will be found everywhere)

So back to my concern…
Was that Naivety or Nobility……

I mean setting yourself up to be caught,because you dont want someone to be punished for what you did, though they somehow deserve to rot in prison because of their previous crimes

Why are we always afraid of picking one of the extremes…..??

We tend to thrive mostly on that fine line in between

Hope and delusion….
Naivety and Nobility…..
Love and infatuation..

Hey I’m done here, that last scenario (Max and the organization), is an abstract from the novel TELL NO ONE by Harlan Coben… You can read it online at

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