THE SHOE – Bellapoet

I am the unrecognized soldier
But I would never bother
To claim for my rights
Not even the inside of me brights
But I wonder why
In the midst of this darkness
A human’s foot finds comfort,
Surety and confidence.

I’m I not the one who made you win her heart yesterday?
While she looked below and noticed how beautifully I shinned.
And because,
I was expensive.
But today,
You pick me up from the old shelves to beat her up.
I wish I could stay forever on your feet so you look down at my torn sole,
To treasure her weak soul.

I’m I not the same me,
Who holds your feet?
My races tight so you can ran to win the meddle
through the hot tarmac I burn and wear out.
The friction on the ground hurts me.
But when I open my mouth for a breath
No mercy,
I find myself in a street bin.
You’ve forgotten,
I was the silt towards your meddle.

I’m I not me,
Who protects your feet from the thorny desert?
Held you so you ran away from the enemy.
I even let blood find its rest on me
In case,
You got hurt in the battlefield
But when,
I lost the strength to serve you
There you left me,
And your enemy finds comfort in me anyway.

I’m I not me,
Who’s loyalty never fades.
My company in and out of offices
Looking for a job.
So when,
The door opened wide,
You dissed me.
Now I rot in the rain
No more valuable.

I’m the same me
Who your fellows look at to give you a class
You gain confidence to stand on the pulpit
But you betray my effort
Cause you lie
That you can fit in their shoes
While you don’t even fit in me.
In me,
You hide hypocrisy.

I’m I not me,
The safest bank for your money?
While you hustle on the streets.
Cause you trust me
But when,
You have enough
You forget me,

I’m I not me,
You felt enough,
To stand and promise heaven
If they elected you
So now,
You forgot the time
You pleaded and walked so gently not even to harm me
I am,
the same you use to kick them out
Of your door
While they plead for help.
I wish,
Those promises left a mark on me
you never forget you were once a beggar.

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