The storm in my kettle

*The storm in my kettle*
By Nyque Ambetsa

A lie can save
But can cage more than a slave
Squeeze out all the hidden tears of guilt
running down one’s cheeks in the name of saving a divert
Sneeze wet the dry pains
from the nude truth that hurts to cracks
Bolt up the once clasped hands and tight knots
from the heavy fists she silently succumbs
She chose to love
But her dismantled dental structure grasps tight her smile, not even to laugh

She chose a life of chivalry
But her strife now plays foul
The hard knocks on her head
The unexpected late night knocks on her door
The foetal kicks deep down her womb
The clicks he lashes to her now forming a khoikhoi lexicon
That streaks and stains her stainless heart with polka-dots that holds less suffice

He calls her dirty whenever he touches her skin he’s obliged to tender
Wash his hands clean from the tears of her once Rock
That spreads like a storm with the wave from his slaps
Wetting to drips her naive son watching from the eyes of a child
The only bold thing that defines their bond
Their blessing
Now untying the the no more tickling tight tussle tie that trickles touching tears
Blocking the blows so hefty
Lessening off the ever rising heckles
Locking the long eared walls seemingly dumb not to eavesdrop
Just to torch out smiles in her mama’s sombre miles
’cause he
Can nolonger withstand the cries however how much he tries
Understand how time flies yet still flies fly around her open wounds
The battle scars from the inner beast in his dad
that quenches it’s thirst from her miserable tears
That tears to pieces the once promised piece of peace
These Tormented ties


Nyque Ambetsa

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