The Weave That Never Suited Me

I am a firm believer that a woman should do whatever she pleases with her hair, especially if she foots her own salon bills. Weaves, natural hair, braids, haircuts whatever she wants as long as it suits her style. Hair is a very sensitive topic, I know, more so for African girls.

The other day, I walked into the beauty shop I usually shop at and spotted this weave. I had admired it for a longtime but kept postponing to try it. So I did what I normally do, called my hair dresser and asked her what she thought of it. She had her reservations and asked me to try something else. But I can be stubborn at times, so I insisted on getting it. In fact, I encouraged her by telling her that she can fix it and make it look as exquisite as it looks on the model on the pack, after all she is really skilled at what she does and life is about taking risks.



So the following day, I booked an appointment and after she had done my hair, I looked at the result on the mirror and there was nothing to smile about. So I asked,

Wait…… you are done?


Why don’t I look like the model on the pack?

Uhm, because you are not identical twins……

Not that. I mean my hair.

This weave doesn’t suit you dear.

No no this can’t be

But I warned you Agie, you never listen!

She was right. The weave didn’t suit me at all and I can’t blame her for she tried her best. It has made my face as round as a luminarc saucer plate. I don’t like the shape of the shadow of my head now (yes I normally study my shadow). It looks like those weaves that MAWE (Men Against Weaves), use in their vigorous campaigns. Something tells me that it is the kind of weave that scares potential husbands away. I look so different that the receptionist at my work place thought I was a visitor and handed me the visitors’ book to sign. I have taken tons of selfies to convince myself that it is not so bad, but no. At least I will keep those selfies and show them to my daughter in future so that she can learn the effects of wearing the wrong weave through proper illustrations.

I know that I probably should stop whining, get rid of the damn weave and restore my self-confidence, but I will not be shaken oooh! I will wear this weave till it completes its full term of three weeks! After all, I have neither the patience nor the money to go back to the salon. I can hear those members of team natural hair and MAWE laughing at me. God is seeing you.

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