These are the words…

by Nyque Ambetsa 

These are the words
that go unnoticed amidst the highly armed guards and gangs
Words that lessen
the painful cries and tears on deathbeds in wards
Are the words that reshuffle the wrongly played peace cards
riveting the scattered pieces forming a steel piece; peace

These are the words
that slit open the torso the birds to feed on the inner filth
That curdles the flowing innocent blood on the ground
and breaks the tribal clots around
These are the words
The sentences that rattle like the wings of a caged bird
awakening the minds of them that still bud
The words…
That adds seconds to the ticking Suicidal clock for the corruption victims
Words that
implant a muscle pull to those running along tribal lines
and those that race the race race.
Those that corrode like conc sulphuric acid this chemistry that leads to favoritism
that embed a flicker of hope to that body that’s stripped of life and in strife they lie
A ray of light rather
That reflects the rays to those eyes soaked with tears
refracting to the dark corners of the mind
The words
that melts the heart of stone to drip melanin and honey I’m black

These are truly
the words that lighten up the heaviness of the loneliness that crushes
Those that pull a trigger for peace
and holds a bullet that which divides the whole piece, masterpiece
That compose a set piece
Compose to set peace
Words that say please
To let like a flowing river.. Peace 🌹🌹


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