Those Face Book Likes Should be making money for you…How?

You are already wondering how?

Well, in a new age media society, every one is turning to the internet with different interests but most commonly, social interests.

Face Book alone records over a billion users every day.

Who are these users?

These are people like you and me who have that one account that you only post photos of you and your family, people like you who wake up in the morning to only to see what friends are agonizing about….others just saying halloo to the imagined world…may be all your followers are ghosts, no real human, we care less anyway.

Our user of interest here is corp-orates and business owners. Almost all business by now have turned to social media to sell and advertise their products. Some make actual sales, whilst the bigger companies are spending huge amounts on creating brand awareness.

These businesses make key players in a country’s economy. This means they also represent key employers to members of the community. On that point, we have witnessed new job opportunities most recently with the title “SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETER WANTED” or better still “DIGITAL MARKETER POSITION“. These positions already have well defined job descriptions with companies sparing a good income for any one who can give them an online presence, better known as a digital foot print.

We also saw the evolution of yet another free lancing online opportunity tagged “INFLUENCER“.  This task is mainly played by individuals with big numbers of active and responsive audience on their social media accounts.

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The most interesting bit of these new age income opportunities is that hardly us any academic qualification a requirement though social media is slowly being introduced as a unit in communication, IT, Journalism related courses, mostly at the University levels.

Employers are however indicating certain academic requirements which are important anyway to cut on the number if uncontrolled applications on a single vacancy.

You can also gain this kind of skill from online tutorials as such those offered on You Tube or better still attending digital marketing training conferences which have become quite popular in current day.

The greatest requirement in this new job opportunity is your ability to attract traffic to your personal social media accounts. But it is good to point out that, it is one thing to gain traffic to your personal Face Book page and another to boost traffic to a corporate website or growing the number if likes on a company’s Face Book page, Twitter or Instagram accounts.

Therefore, do not get excited at the offer of a job by an employer who spots you through your social media activity. You can get 500 likes for posting an image of you and your lover on your proposal day, but get zero likes and no comments on a post about a company introducing a new payment method to its consumers.

Though posing a threat to ethical journalism, individuals who have being creative enough are making lots money and enjoying brand endorsements.

Many young people are now creating blogs hoping to get endorsements from advertisers, win grants and other monetary returns from other bodies. It has seen many frustrated as they thought it was just about writing good stories about a certain brand and waiting for money to come your way. This is a business like any other that requires planning, strategics and management.

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One very important factor to consider is your ability to sustain content on your social account. Some write the first 5 or 10 stories then go dry and have nothing new to offer. It is more like a one hit musician, but for the musician has chances if gaining income from the single hit anyway. What about for you as an upcoming influencer, social media “guru”?

Take your time to research on topics that will suit your niche.List them, possibly topics that you will cover for the next three months depending on your posting frequency.

However, social media is all about active reaction demanding something new every single day. You have a real task right there.

At the same time, you will need to be growing an audience. Distributing your story and post links across the internet and of course avoid spamming. Your basic knowledge of site napping and the application of other SEO tools will come in handy to boost you towards going for that mullah. The hard truth is that this a Journalistic tool that involves advertising as a means for income. With advertising, you are of no value if you have no numbers. Traffic perce.

It is unfortunate that the bigger number of internet users cannot figure out a means of translating those traffic nunbers to monetary figures. There are persons who gain over 3k likes on a single Face Book post in a few minutes but they cannot figure out how to make money from it.

At the same time, no advertisers are interested in them because they do not represent the personality of promoting a brand! Shocked? Yes! You can have a big number but you cannot sell a product.

After achieving all this, some popular influencers have had the privilege of the senior advertisers coming after them, but usually, you will need to go out and market your work just like any other brand or product out there.

Communication and presentation skills are highly required here. Learn how to use simple software like MS Excel sheets, how to prepare power point presentations to show who you are and clearly what you charge and what for! Learn how to draft proposals for grants! If no money to hire expertise who make professional presentations for you, be patient, take your time to learn how to it yourself.

Patience beats lack of capital.

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There are some who develop their brands and feed certain unique niches and get great endorsements. However, the amount an advertiser is willing to spend on your blog or social media presence only depends on how much human traffic you bring on the table. Use analytic tools like Google analytic to get a total number of visits on your pages.

Again, be easy and patient to grow your traffic. It doesn’t come in a day, two or a deal of five, ten years. Just make sure you are growing every day. On the contrary, when employers assign you the digital marketing task, you may feel a lil pressured to meet certain crazy targets. Try to explain to your employer that it takes time to grow a brand to the hearts of your community. Especially, for start up businesses. Sometimes, even those online advertising options that you may suggest do back fire. Do not give up, it us a new field where everyone is learning. A dynamic field it is that you have to posses the passion to keep up to date with the emerging trends.

Am I making it sound too serious? Not really! You don’t want to be a trending blogger of “just  your moment to shine”. The more seriousness you treat your business with the more serious people you will attract. This way, you not only adding value to your career but also increasing your blogging life span.

Focus on building yourself a reputation as a brand as opposed to just a Face Booker: make yourself a distinct blogger, learn more news values and approaches, become a recommendable Tweep.

Most importantly, watch out for HACKERS!

Translate making a provocative post in a bikini to an advert of you making money by posing in that bikini to sell its brand! It’s about that TIME!

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