Titleless – Lorna


I am a daughter of the mountain, Born south of sahara,

North of limpompo,

In the virgin forests of Africa,

My skin is chocolate My mind is a dagger,

Sharp and brilliant is what they say I am Fit,bold and beautiful,

Donot pity me,

Dont use my portraits for self gain Instead nurture my talent,

My future is bright, Amnot entitled to charity,

Give me an opportunity, I will thrive. Accept my flaws,

Donot discriminate me, Am like any other,

Teach me to read and write, I am uniquely gifted.

I am the son of the soil,

Daughter of my land,

I am the backbone of my society,

I will deliver them from bondage,

I am a star, brighter than your futures.

Why can I not shine? Give me am opportunity,

Give me freedom,

I am an African child.

©Lorna Bundi® March 2017 All rights reserved.

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