Top 10 things women hate about men on a date

Everyone has an idea and opinion on what women should do in order to be good dates, girlfriends and wives. Men, who dispense such unsolicited wisdom, forget that they are not perfect.

This week, women call out bad habits that they contend with daily and wish men really changed.

1. Insisting on the company of boys on a private date

While men hate when their female date drags her three chatty and freeloading friends along, women equally loathe when a man drags his handful two or four friends.  Hardly does anyone get along along with the boys. If you are a man and you want to take her on a date, resist the urge to call the boys.

2. Partying in a club is not a date

For some men, their most creative idea of a good date is going to a night club, getting soaked, hiring a taxi and going home for a romp.

While it is the standard practice in Nairobi, there are a number of decent women who still prefer the old school dates where a couple dine and wine as they are serenaded in the background by Johnny Gill.

3. Pay the bill please

There is a habit sweeping across Nairobi when a man arranges for a date and takes a French leave when the bill is tabled. It is unchivalrous and a wrong step on the evolutionary clock. If you initiated a date, the bill is yours. Don’t be a prick!

4. Bad breath, smelly feet

It is amazing how suits and flashy phones can mask a man with a poor grasp on hygiene. While halitosis may be a medical condition, there are a variety of cures not limited tooth paste, mouth wash and a constant supply of mint. For smelly feet mean, just clean your feet and dry them properly.

5. Bad dancing

If you are a bad dancer, kindly sit down. One thing worse than a man who does not know how to dance is a man who takes to the floor to dance like he is caught up in a seizure. Or the one who insists that a woman must rub her behind on his groin. Disappear you pervert. Dancing is an art and skill.

6. Ogling, staring

Men get a memory lapse in the presence of overexposed female thighs and a well-rounded bum. While the memory is bound to go on trip, resist the urge if in the presence of another woman, a date or a friend.

The rule of the thumb is as long as you are in a relationship, your woman has the best features you covet in the opposite sex.

7.  Stay off social media

While social media has proved that people on social media are more interesting than in real life, on a date, keep your phone away. There is something weirdly awkward when two dates are scrolling through their timeline during a date. Style up.

8. Mining ‘nose gold’

It is an unconscious habit that can drastically complicate your life. Many men have the bad habit of picking solid stuff from their noses and rubbing it on the next wooden object. It is wrong.

9. Nagging men

When God created Earth, he designated nagging to be a province of women. Somehow, through gene mutations, there are men who have taken up the habit. They nag, they whine. They are insecure. They constantly want to know what their woman is up to. If men hate women who nag, women hate the habit in men ten times more.

10. Jealousy

Kindly note, she is your girlfriend, not your wife and has male friends she can hug and laugh at their jokes. It doesn’t mean you must go red in the face and give her the silent treatment. Be easy.

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