In his recent article, Tony Mochama paints the true picture of poetry as a podium.
Its indeed a medium that connects the contemporary issues realm in the society to the layman’s world ,such a lexicon that perches safely a stray line of thought into a young mind without  exploiting it rather a life-bound kind of brain from dwindling.
For this reason much has been fixed in the Shakespeare’s galore loosening the once tight bolts fastened with chutzpah by the likes of Abdulatif Abdalla, Namatsi Lukoye and many more Swahili prolific poets darkening their paths now surviving with the candle light of spoken word( done in sheng’) as the last hope in which it was divorced objectively from the Swahili language and only its rudiments in it keeps the fire burning. Intriguing!
One thing about ushairi is the language police who never leers to the heavy pockets and robs the poets of their poetic license thus one has to hustle and tussle along with vina, ubeti, mishororo etc which is a put off unlike in the English part where a poet breaks and mends the language to suit the shape of their emotion herein.
Once a poet always a poet with the native language the authenticity is so much upheld because it’s more of emotions thus to balance the scale, poets should do the baby steps and embrace the poetic discipline with the acumen it deserves and feed the public with a healthy touch of words which should differentiate between a poet and a maudlin in love beau and ushairi does it best because where order is the ordeal then executing orders through words becomes easy and teasing.
Nyque Ambetsa

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