You Just Got Your Admission Letter?


So you just got your admission letter to the university early enough thanks to the Techno world that spills out the pot contents the envelope not to set one ill at ease rather awaken these anonymous butterflies, this is the time when the wannabe freshas gamble up with expectations, ready to unleash the so much suffocated relish of the so told and untold tales and for the debonair lads circling dates on when to meet the ‘kuna wasichana’ mulling over and over the lay tolls the first few weeks their almost palpable minds like a pendulum swinging from pleasures to treasures.
With the common phrase, ‘umeitwa wapi?’ now clattering their teeth of which some may lie to excuse their ego and being asked belittling questions especially for those who used to burn the midnight oil and nature obstinately places the obdurate and the calm back then in high school together it poses a challenge to both to the extremes of cursing the late night stays if a mere contrast is done with that who could drool their desks wet the whole preps time.
But hey, this is better viewed from the sentimental eyes of an intellect as a call to the life you chose and the letter serves as a master key that opens all doors, both different and indifferent entries it’s all bestowed unto you.
It’s a key that opens your mind to the nude reality of life and synchronizes the difference between the fancied expectations and the actual thing on the ground. It lands you safely to your niche.
This is the right time to coffee down your conscience and discuss on the priority lists already engrafted in it by renumbering the itemized particulars with the mantra A’s over Bae’s being reflected as one descends down the list. Of course being polished by the last words the responsible parent/guardian will add on the night before or the morning to reporting.
This is the keyhole to the right door and assuming one is an adult, able to sustain the heat of applying HELB loan on their own, the decision made in the numbering should earn you a bed in a myrtle at the end of the 4 year tenure.
So open up your third eye to bring in the rays that will be refracted therein to the darkest parts of the brain not to blame the kashetani Fulani after stumbling and veering off your lanes.








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