Young,Broke and in a Chama

Its June 2017 the chama chairman just posted on the watsupp group that one of the members was facing a certain situation and as per the group rules and goals we have to contribute.The contribution is ksh500.
You’re ready to chip in but then reality checks in.
The m-shwari debt of ksh107 you ignored for a month plus can’t even allow you to think of using M-pesa now .You’re not even sure they’ll grant you another loan even if you pay this one so you can’t risk.
You think through the list of friends you can borrow from because not all are in “the loaning list” .
You don’t want to borrow just anyone lest you get tagged “mkopaji” and people start avoiding your phonecalls.
The four you can ask – two have no jobs but one  sends you ksh200,the ones who have jobs are both struggling with one thing or another so she can’t help.
Day two ,you wake up to a list of names of people who haven’t contributed. Yours is staring back at you.You regret the days you were so vocal in the group talking of how your chama should be aiming high.
Its midweek  and your transport for the rest of the week doesn’t seem  enough you might miss going to work and its your first month. You imagine of using the 200 Bob your friend sent as fare and bearing the embarrassment from the chama .
In the watsupp group ,someone is claiming its the beginning of the month ,salaries have streamed in so we should dig our pockets.You sarcastically laugh at the comment. Someone else has chipped in that if you can’t get the money you can just borrow as he did .
Its day 3 no sign of  any extra cash anywhere and your name hasn’t yet erased itself from the list .The contribution will be closed today.There’s someone who keeps on calling out your name “aye,dee we’re waiting for your contribution”
Ksh 300 has never seemed that big.
But what can we do to prevent such scenarios
 Story by Evon Vala

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