New music alert: is ‘Team Phsyco MOTO’ a banger ?


After “kata Tenje” psycho is back with a new track dubbed ‘moto‘, ft voodoo seller.

voodoo seller

The official video was released towards the end of December and has been making rounds in social media.

Artiste Sleek MC AKA Mister Money Boy  came out to question the lyrical prowess of voodoo seller in the track (See Mister Money Boy’ slams underground rapper ‘Vodoo Seller’ cynical and irresponsible in his music )

The Video directed by the talented Rockcil in party hyped feeling seems to be just a sample of more music from TEAM PSYCHO.

Check it out and be the judge: Is it a HIT or MISS ?


Originally posted 2019-01-02 05:41:47.

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