Why is Kapuchu 16 on the RUN?

The sleek tv

Rumours are loud and the streets are talking of a deal between the sleek music group and kapuchu 16.

The sleek brand manager came out to clear the air.

“Kapuchu 16 is by now a big name and the talented young artist has a very bright future, “.

In line with kapuchu’s new hit dancehall tune “RUN”

The brand manager acknowledged the energy and creativity.

He called Kapuchu 16 to personally congragulate him and hinted that something is cooking.

The sleek brand ambassador “Mr Money Boy” was not available to make a comment.

Run official video is out and you can get it as your skiza tune sending an sms with the code: 7612773 to 811.

Kapuchu 16 – Run official

Originally posted 2019-02-16 15:41:49.

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