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Emman’nuel NGUI is Media Diplomacy Expert, with responsibility for The Sleek PLC. Emmanuel leads advisory group for The Sleek on media policy and international engagement of youth in developing and localizing media and  strategic communication.

Emman’nuel also played role as Communications Officer at World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF)’s hosted Stockholm Environment Institute where he managed and coordinated communications for Africa.

Emman’nuel has 10 years of experience in strategic communication and planning, applied research, media production, advocacy, events planning and management, communications for social change, copyrighting and digital media with biased interest in Development Communication and areas around Sustainable Development.

Emman’nuel has being successful in leading and participating in the planning and organizing of various global and high level diplomatic events including the most recent World Urban Forum 10 heeld at Abu Dhabi, 2020, SEI Science Forum, 2019 held for the first time in Africa among others. He was also part of the planning for the 1st UN-Habitat Assembly 2019 tasked with a role to leverage the use communications, storytelling and new media tools to advocate for inclusion of youth and other minority groups’ as active agents and stakeholders of sustainable urbanization.

Additionally, Emmanuel has interest in understanding the linkages between science and communication, building on communication as both an art and a social science, as well as using data journalism to help resolve conflict between man and environment.

Prior to SEI, he has worked for the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) offering communications support to the over 8000 youth-led-programmes across the world supporting projects in Colombia, Somalia, other countries in Sub- Saharan Africa as well as Asia regions.

He has also worked for the Standard Group, Kenya Television Network (KTN) in media production of various humanitarian programs as well as played role of Public Relations at Nairobi City County Government. He is volunteer to Norwegian funded project on justice under the Independent Medico Legal Unit,

Emmanuel holds a master’s degree in development communication from the University of Nairobi with specialized training in Communication for Social Change, Communication and Sustainable Development, Conflict and Disaster Management, Peacebuilding, Urbanization, Climate Change, Health, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, Audience Analysis, Media Law Media Culture and Communication for Strategic Planning and Management.

He also holds a bachelor’s degree from University of Nairobi specialized in Journalism and Mediat Production and Public Relations, news production and digital media. Emmanuel also holds a Diploma in Public Relations and Advertising from University of Nairobi with exposure in copyrighting, editing, events planning and web development.

More events coordinated by Emmanuel NGUI

Emmanuel has being involved in a wide range of high level- international events playing major roles such as Communications and Social Media Expert for; United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development 2018; UN-Habitat focal point for communications for the UN Economic and Social Council Youth Forum, New York; World Urban Forum 9, Malaysia; Nairobi Children and Youth Exchange Programme; Somali Youth Day 2018, UN Environmental Conference #COP23, Bonn, Germany; Colombia Peace Labs; World Youth Day and Peace Day 2017, 2018& 2019,  UN Peace Building Convention ,Vancouver; Future Saudi Cities Programme; Innovate Kenya, South Korea Peace Now initiative; Urban Youth Connekt 2018, Rwanda: Afri Cities, Morocco; World Urban Forum (WUF 10), World Cities Day, Liverpool, Youth Blue Economy Conference(s), as well as participated in other key event responsibilities.



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