Kenyan award winning Gospel artist  Bahati  causes an Uproar  on twitter following his tweet to homeboys radio Morning show host Conrad Gray better known as  G Money.

Gmoney who was Born in London and schooled in Jamaica is also a celebrated Dj both here in Kenya and internationally since he has  DJ’ed for Ja Rule, Jay Z, Lauryn Hill, Wyclef and many other massive names, yet despite all this; radio is where he has established himself as a powerhouse.

Gmoney who likes touring around the world this time he was in Italy in Milan to be specific  when one of his fan on twitter asked him “which Bahati song he was going to play at Milan, and Gmoney’s responded who is bahati? Judging by Bahati’s tweet this might have been the tweet that angered him.


The “Taniua” singer tweeted later saying I Have Heard there’s an Upcoming DJ Who Kenya Has given Asylum for 20 years by the Name #GMoney @GMONEYizME

– Ambieni Huyo Chichiman The Only Time I heard about him Alikua amepiga Boy MUTI

Na ata Hajawahi Support Kenyan Music nowonder Hajui Wasanii wa Kenya #boomboclat”


This is the tweet that angered KOT here are some of the reactions on twitter

Well tell me what you think about all this Beef.