Right to Left (MC JPassi,, Donnah Israel, Gabriel Odunga, Ruth Star, MDezzy, N’Nuel) of The Sleek

Finally tonight here, we always try to lift you with motivational messages, but this move sleek move definitely takes the music industry for Kenya, Africa and beyond to a new level.

An artistic photo shoot of The Sleek Music & Productions Studio has left the internet snooping after revealing some of the faces behind the rapidly growing community dubbed “The Sleek”.

The Sleek Team looks very confident in pulling this stunt as a first sign of the underlying four years strategy set to be launched in a red carpet event in 2020.

The Sleek President and CEO spoke about their planned legacy of the music business and industry in Kenya, citing this as just the first of its kind strategies in changing the face of the music scene both locally and internationally.

But it is the finger signs popping in gauzy images that have sent tweeps racing on describing what has being known as the real identity of The Sleek as “four crescent moons”.

The Sleek prides to be 1st studio of its kind giving #morethanjustmusic  holding it;s first photo shoot for in house musicians during the Int’l Women’s Day, March 8 2020.

“This has never happened in any other studio,” said Gabriel Odunga, The Sleek CEO, ” Youth is a risk group and what The Sleek is doing is just creatively applying engaging and interactive strategies to attract young people and transform them to be better agents of change.”

Here is a quick sneak into the gallery:

Donnah Israel, Artiste at The Sleek/ / Photo Dante Photography

MC JPassi, Artiste at The Sleek/ Photo Dante Photography

Ruth Star, Artiste at The Sleek/ Photo Dante Photography

N’Nuel, Artiste at The Sleek/ Photo Dante Photography

Paccy Bwoy, Producer at The Sleek

Gabriel Odunga, CEO at The Sleek/ Photo Dante Photography







King Dantimax, Artiste at The Sleek





The Sleek is also host to King Dantimax who is set to release his debut album in September 2020.

A word from The Sleek’s very talented In- House Producer Paccy Bwoy is that, “The Sleek is growing to be not

The Sleek/ Photo Dante Photography

just a leading creative lab but also the most influential production house that has ever existed in the history of Afrikanism.”

And enjoy the scenes photos on The Sleek Flickr Page here w’ Dante Photography

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