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In promo footage for his new single, MC JPassi performs in his new music stable the story of panic if God is not by our side . There’s a silhouette introduction with candle light which creates a feeling of loss and is just so timely given the pandemic the world is currently experiencing. However, the video is not in anyway frightening and uses a story line of wealth to vanity where he takes a fancy ride for a road trip, and after hours of speed and thrill, “it all ends in tears”.

“KAMATA” single is among MC JPassi’s  debut releases in seven years, following his 2018 double single release of “Salama Rohoni” and “Hello Yesu” , 2015’s “Nyumbani featuring The Sleek Music Group” and 2012’s “Quarter Quarter”. On the latter, he manages his fame as a renown live show MC and radio host based at Nairobi.

Before “KAMATA” MC JPassi had established himself as CEO for High Notch Creatives, where he organized a series quarterly events in 2019 dubbed “Gospel Extravaganza”.

In his song, KAMATA has a hefty Rhumba influence here, although for the most part, JPassi abandons the danceability of the song groove as he did it in his previous video of “Halo Yesu”. We see more of natural drone scenes which echo silence which “I believe it signifies a moment that when everyone really wants to hear God speak to us, everyone seems to be running to panic mode,” said JPassi to The Sleek TV, and also added that “I think the world is in panic now, however, this is a timely message for people to embrace the fact that we are okay, not because there is no danger, but because God is with us.”

There, in the song, he revealed  singing in that radio effect intro of his video  about his lack of feeling, and his inability to expereince fear, but rather, gather courage and stay calm, “Be still an

MC JPassi/ The Sleek

d know I am God,” emphasized JPassi encouraging brethren who are agonizing over the new pandemic in the world today. “We shall overcome,” MC JPassi affirmed.

Notably, “KAMATA” , MC JPassi’s  lyrics in this does not appear to seek self praise as is the usual vybe with most self ranked Gospel songs. And it shouldn’t – the song has him making an ultimate confession that his God is in control over everything that happens around and in his life. The lyrics plea to God to remain to him as a sincere child who needs his presence the most more than any drug or friend could possibly be to help him making an adequate prayer of confessions and acknowledgement of his faith in God as ruler of determiner of all tha which happens on the face of the earth.

Elsewhere, he abandons his unofficial title as “MC JPassi” and officially adopts his new name “James Passi”. On the downside, James Passi now  takes on the stage to express his desire for a good life as he puts it in one his lines in verse two where he points out that if he is to fail and fall into embarrassment then him is not blame but really believes then God would not fail in his promises of doing good and blessing him to higher grounds.

Although the video ends n a sad mood, for someone who is a reader of the word then will best interpret the song and video that one can find happiness in worldly wealth, however, safety and peace again are granted not earned, but from God. The title of the track “KAMATA” is the closest he gets to Swahili phrase to mean “Keep Hold” or “Hold onto something tight” – and echoes the fruit of salvation which further develops a sentimental feel as he asks God to take control over his soul.

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