Eve Dome/ Journalist and Communications Expert

Dear royals. 2019 started off okay.

However, I have been swamped at work a lot lately.

January has been extremely crazy for your girl. The good news is, January will have to wait till next year.

Speaking of work, something dawned on me and I thought of noting it down before vlogging about it.

Being my third month at my current place of employment, I have interacted with most of the people I work with.

This reminded me of my former colleagues.

In the field of employment, you get to meet new people.

It’s crucial to your social and professional circle depending, on how you interact with them.

Well, my current employment life has been fun and not-so-fun for me. Fun in that I have met some really awesome personalities and not-so-fun because there are those that drain the life from me.

This brings us to my agenda today highlighting some TYPES OF COLLEAGUES.

  1. Power-flexing colleague

These types of colleagues can drain the life out of any living creature.

They thrive in the thought that they can intimidate just about anyone. I bet if they had the power, they would dictate when you should breathe.

What bothers me most is that this lot is mostly comprised of individuals who hold the least superior positions and do not respect or just ignore the chain of command in the office.

Truth be told, they are the world’s biggest suck-ups. They love the taste of ass, it’s no wonder they kiss them a lot.


  1. Pervert

Always wants to be first to taste every new office cookie/ Photo courtesy

Lord come down and save the female species from these.

Fact: their vibe skills are depressing and to make it worse, they’re not even the cute kind of ugly.

Their sexual jokes are ever crass and out of line. I am almost sure if you dig deeper, they are victims of the harshest dry spells leave alone the drought in Turkana.

By the way, what is that governor doing?


  1. Workaholic

I love them because they mind their business.

They’re always the first in the office and the last to leave.

Rarely will you find them socializing and that will make you question if they have a social life.

I bet this type of colleague were those who insisted on having the teacher give guys homework when the whole class prayed and fasted hoping they will forget.

Don’t be surprised to see hear that they work till Sunday.

Such people makes  royals like us look bad.

I mean, I’ll work half day on a Monday and will already feel entitled to four days off.

Photo courtesy

  1. Poor hygiene- observing colleague

It always has to do with bad breath or sweaty and smelly armpits. It can be as result of genetic factors, medical condition and utter hygienic negligence.

Having someone with any form of odor around is one of the meanest tests in the world. It’s even worse when your brain accidentally reminds you of the odor when you are just about your business then you immediately feel the urgent need to diarrhoea.

I just cannot tell somebody that they smell bad, that would be mean.

This is when I make a call to every Human Resource person in any firm, kindly help us out because we can’t.


  1. The hot colleague

There’s always that one hot person in every crowd given whichever setting. Some of them talk much others don’t say much. Could it be that they know they make us weak to our knees?

They smell like miracles and have an unexplainable aura.

Now here’s the problem, you may get smitten the first time then it wears off as time go by because, well, you get used to their faces then you no longer are as smitten as you were before don’t find them attractive anymore.

Oh God, life!


  1. The gossip

Photo courtesy

They know more about your menstrual cycle better than you do.

They have everybody’s personal life history at the palm of their hands and they talk more than they work.

WARNING: Keep away from such.

They can never be helpful because everything from them is a lie.

These would be one of the main villains if office activities were documented as movies. Watch out royals.

I would have gone further but those were the main types that I felt I had to highlight.

Could there more that I probably missed out on?

Drop some of them in the comments box and rest assured that I will respond.


Your Royal Babe,

Eve Dome