Cabu gah- blogger/ photo courtesy

This is not a letter to CABU GAH but a point of reflection to the once so popular face booker. Most have been wondering where the blogger went to and also why his face book account has been inactive.

Sometime back he posted something on his face book page well think it was like he was announcing his comeback which to me sincerely felt like an outdated move or a cry for help.

It was a long post as usual but this time I was not talking about some other people’s encounter or experience, no, in his post he was the subject acting like the victim of a bad decision he made in life.

Well for someone who was always been giving advice and using other people scenario to drive a point it was worrying.

How does he fall in the same pit that he teaches others to avoid, he acts like a victim who jumps into the road on purpose gets hit but does not die and has to live with the repercussions.

Am sure most of his fans saw the post where he talks about the moment he started living a ‘glamorous life’ going on a spendthrift, drinking liquor like alcohol and how his relationship was affected. Haha!

Like I always say if you post your problem on social media nobody really cares they will read give a like, put a comment saying “seems you are back” and then they go back to their daily routine.

I hope the likes soothes the soul or touches the heart.

For me it felt that he was in that state where the dog hides its tail between the legs in shame, it was shitty.

I know am a reader and confidently I can say I read it but it was not worth it.

If he needed help there psychologist around who get paid to listen to your problem and tell you a bunch of advises, if he wants attention well he can seek it in another way.

If he is wants back then he should write an apology to the cabugarians first. He is not sure where his passion belongs he should take sometime of and reflect on his next move he can win his once popular following.

We have crazy lives but we don’t post it to social network strangers because we are better than that. Cabu gah thought you were wiser.