Words on the street is that HIGHWAY 22 is in a battle to prove who is the illest and most respected gospel rapper.
With a few hours before the official release of kapuchu 16 most hyped rap release titled DEPRESSION, the streets cannot keep calm.

Our sources also have confirmed that Stonee jiwe might be part of the release.
With rockcil media on the rise and on the fast lane to prove their prowess, they added their visual skills to the video.
This coming a few weeks after it was rumoured that Kapuchu 16 might have signed with rockcil.

Following the great support that depression 1 received, the fans expect DEPRESSION 2 not to be below par.

One of the top brands is also seeking to get Kapuchu 16 to sign with them before the year ends.

The official video will be out on 28th october.

In the meanwhile you can listen to depression 1 to be part of the movement

kapuchu 16 DEPRESSION 1