Photo courtesy/ the sleek television
Mr money boy a.k.a sleek mc just roared and it’s not personal, in his recent release “kings of the Underground” under the mister money boy edition a project by THE SLEEK TELEVISION,. The companies Brand and image ambassador has thrown jabs.

Vodoo Seller-Artiste/ Photo courtesy

Calling each artiste name by name to make it clear the line has been drawn and only the fit can survive. Voodooseller, kalahari jeshi, droopy kalahari, kapuchu 16 only to mention a few, have been taken to task to prove their lyrical capacity.

Kapuchu 16- Artiste/ Photo courtesy

It’s rumored that the “beef” was triggered after the Record stable that handles their music breached an agreement they had with the sleek television highly profiled CEO.
Droopy Kalahari- Artiste/ Photo courtesy
The Sleek Ceo was quoted saying “I fight for my brand and my brand has the right to express his thought as he wishes, we regret nothing”