Mister Money Boy AKA Sleek MC seems to be escalating beef with rapper Vodoo Seller calling out to Vodoo to step.up and take some.social responsibility for his music.

This comes shortly after Mister Money Boy hit Vodoo Seller with a punchline in a diss track dubbed “SALAMU”.

In the “SALAMU” diss Mister Money Boy throws direct shot at Vodoo in a heavy punch line directed at a record label manager  named CJ saying, “Utanifananishaje na Vodoo (seller)sisi (Sleek) hatifanyangi vitu za “Udoo”!!!!

Vodoo Seller’s fans failed to receive the diss kindly and have been calling out to the rapper to ‘act quickly’ to defend his Route 23 title.

Vodoo Seller’s rapper friend Kapuch16 believed to have send this Whatsapp amazed at Sleek MC Salamu Diss move




When Vodoo Seller first received news that he was dissed by “visiting star in Vodoo’s own studio, in a diss track recorded by Vodoo’s own producer,  sources close to the rapper say that he went out to cry to a friend in a Whatsapp DM.

Money Boy is having no chills for Vodoo Seller and is back at it again.

This time calling out to Vodoo to, “Grow up and mature up in his vybes, ” said Sleek MC AKA Mister Money Boy in a Bluejeans video call.

He also makes fun of Vodoo’s costume in new video labelled ‘lonely’.

“That Vodoo nigga claims to be a superstar since he posted that he fired his own wife, never seen a lonely superstar, how would you dress up such a hoody in a commercial video, seem like something is wrong with that chap family, he needs some communal help!”


Rapper Vodoo Seller performs in his new video Moto

When asked to comment on Vodoo’s new audio-video release Sleek MC added, “I think we have lots potential in upcoming artistes like Vodoo Seller but he needs to show some bit of maturity and meet the already set standards in the entertainment industry.”

The wealthy Money Boy who was out for December holiday at Capetown later send the following text in a chat message:




“Niko na maswali mob
What’s all that noise at the start of the video?
Kwani vodoo amekuwa mtoi?
Kwani vodoo amejoin club ya lamba lolo?
Kwani vodoo amekuwa msee wa kutoa rmx ?
Kwani vodoo amekuwa msee wa odoo hivi?
Kwani vodoo alisota mbaya from capital to siku hizi anafanya biz anaenda home msoto?

Who says such in a lyrical rap song?

Nani aliambia Vodoo madame wa Koinange hucheza undercover?
Na kwani hamkushow hawa wasee hizo mangoma hazimake sense haziskizwi tena from 2019?
Hizo video za madame wanajaribu kushakit na hawana pia zinazimwa hii 31st, nani cast director jameni?

Captured from Vodoo Seller new video Moto

Niulize piaa, hao madancer hawana emergy kwana hawakuwabuyia food?
Nani executive producer wa hii project.na kwa nini anakubali anakubali upuzi kama hii ama haina ndio maana location ni ile.moja ya En free ground ya watoi?
Hao watoi wengine wanarap siwezi walaumu, lakini vodoo hana crew ya kumahow kama lines zake hazimake sense?
Kwa nini vodoo anatuambia ngoma imepikwa sijui na nani, hajui hiyo ni vybe ya kina nonini wakijifunza kurap calif ya majengo?
Hizo vybes zote za vodoo bure kabisa, nitumie video za wasee hawaogopi kuspend pesa ndio iwarudie-hio video ni total guess-work.”

Sleek winded up the video chat saying ”  I can sponsor Vodoo but the future doesn’t look like him, the future doesn’t look like “vitu za udoo” introducing nudes in videos, we need some sense of responsibility to set new standards for coming generations”

As it stands, no one appears ready to take up the lyrical challenge- Fans feel that the Blacjac top artistes were completely destroyed in their own studios.


Leaked whatsapp of Vodoo Seller friend Kapuchu16 reacting to Sleek MC Salamu Diss

Kapuchu16 was also targeted in the Sleek MC SALAMU diss track in line saying “Kapuchu16, sifanyangi mziki kusaka rent, sihitaji 16 bars nawalamba kwenu kuliko Chocolate Cadbury”