Hillary Lusanji-

My name is Hillary Lusenji. I am 21 years of age and raised in Upper Kabete in westlands constituency, the area contributed to my growth in art.

I very much studied in the same area that I grew attending kabete vet lab primary school and later joining kabete high school.

The schooling years of my life were toughest. I struggled a lot in my studies. The curriculum that we took in school never interested me much.

I was more into Extra-curricular activities like sports, drawing, crafts, etc. were my favorite things.

My relationship with the art began in primary school where I was more interested in drawing and sketching of human figures and other objects, there is one time that the teacher caught me sketching a figure of him on my mathematics exercise book and she had to punish me for that.

It never killed my spirit and I was more determined to make it work in future.

After finishing of my high school, I chose to become a pencil artist.

It was a weird decision taken by me at that time, and in most occasions I had to find alternative means of income so as to be able to purchase art pencil and ivory papers which I majorly use to do my arts.

In most instances have been forced to import some pencil due to their scarcity in Kenya. Today, however, I don’t regret it at all.

I picked up the name Sanjay arts which was derived from my official’s names, and have been able to relate to it and brand it so that my clients can also be proud of the arts that I produce.

It’s been a long journey of patience and perseverance which has eventually started paying up earning me a few interviews and lots of loyal and new clients.

My professional career in painting began officially in the year 2013 when I got my first client and I was more than happy to grab the right opportunity and to prove that art could also be a means of income for which I was waiting so long.

Today, I am happy doing art and learning new skills to improve on my works.

The positive attitude to face challenges brought out the best in me.

Today I am looking forward to face the challenges of life in a positive manner and also to be a patient learner.

I am also in many arts group and attend arts events so as to mentor, motivate and sharpen my skills to be able to reach even greater heights.

Find me on all social media platforms: ARTS SANJAY FACEBOOK  CELL: 0713834460