Kapuchu16/ Artiste

If you can’t beat them, then you join them.

Singer and rapper artiste Kapuchu16 one of those hit by Mister Money Boy SALAMU diss wave has come out to clear the air that he would reply to Mister Money Boy but financial flows do not allow him to take up the battle at the moment.

Coming out clean, Kapuchu16 manager was overheard saying that he is willing to pay for Kapuchu16 to reply to Sleek MC AKA Mister Money Boy hard diss track thrown at Kapuchu16.

Speaking to the sleek TV, a close friend to the manager says that Mister Money Boy of THE SLEEK high level family challenged Kapuchu16 manager to a money bid for a destruction battle between the two artistes.

Artiste Kapuchu16 however relentlessly shy is of different opinion and believes befriending Sleek MC the Money Boy is an opening to greater opportunities for him.

Sleek MC the Money Boy released his Salamu Diss after his high profiled manager ran into a disagreement with one record label manager alleging that the studio manager undermined the worth of THE SLEEK international brand.

News now says that THE SLEEK hired the studio manager, his studio, producer and dissed them in their own record studio.

This has been recorded as the most lethal experience and first of its kind ever tagging Sleek MC not just a strong and talented lyricist but a brave rapper too.

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Other targeted artistes in the SALAMU diss are Voodoo Seller, Droopy among other former rap group Kalahari Jeshi.

The artistes acknowledged the strong vybes and hard punchlines from Sleek MC the Money Boy as really tight vybes and are planning to take their time and reply in 2019 April due to financial constrains.

Mister Money Boy however has offered to pay for their studio sessions to reply to the diss but as it stands, none among them is willing to go into the booth and face mike first.

Other elf proclaimed group members of the Kalahari Jeshi crew came out to complain that they missed in the SALAMU track.

Sleek MC responded saying that it’s unfortunate the guy is unknown to him, “Please give your nbrand some hype bro, guess too small to be noticed, I see it’s actually a big deal for Mister Money Boy Pesa Boy to diss you to make you relevant?”

From the look of things, it seems we are not expecting a reply to the SALAMU Diss from any of the targeted artistes.