I mourn for you my country
Living yet dead,
To thousands of voices
That warn of impending hurricane

I mourn for you my land
Land of the living and the dead
Them that talk and not heard
Sheep expected to dance to a piper’s dance

I mourn for you my motherland
Of colossal wrecks
Suffocating thoughts
Gagging speech
Of zombies and dumb
Victims of they that seek grandeur

I mourn for you my government
A ludicrous braggart
Self acclaimed oasis of peace
A desert of murder-
And plunder

I cry over you my country
Land of magnificent cruelty
Of plenty and plenty of nothingness
Land of much but for a handful

I mourn for you my Kenya,
Cry and bleed for you
A flower nipped before it blossomed
A moon eclipsed
Before it shone
A dream that wasn’t to be

Let’s be one nation
Let’s be one tribe
Let’s be one voice
Let’s all be Kenyans!