I have realized
I have known
You know you can do a thing
Mean not
You can perform in public
`its time I took what’s mine’- That which,
I find it exciting
And teaches me;
If you fear something
Go for it to conquer your fear
In it,
Your greatness and success
Is hidden
More often,
We fear our own greatness

Living to my dreams
Like you,
Spiritually I’d say
Its connecting with your
Being in touch with


Your emotions
And being true to
Your self

Be my essence
In silence,
God speaks and
Creativity is born
I have many moments
Yes, of silence
Not necessarily alone
Moments even in a crowd
Out, I am able to zone
And be alone

Talk of my decisions
The heart could be stronger
But the head could say
Wait a minute
Let’s talk about this!
At the end,
The two complement each other


To unwind,
Some silence
But from my own heart
And mind
There come a lot of noise

The experience so rich
A thing I cannot afford to change
Especially, not the negatives
They teach
They have helped me learn so much
All about myself in a short time

You are a revolutionary
In the world, a heart, a life, can I transform? Me-
Like Nina ogot? A soul- could I touch


The Sleek