That’s not earth
That be heaven

Heaven to create
How beautiful an art!

The woman
Man, her heart
Will trust
The fears though
His own will hurt

In his word
Hidden though
There lies lust
I love you
That wouldn’t be true
Lest he refers to his shoe

At her gate


There you saw him
The one he called
A girl, a former schoolmate
The two, my heart not safe
Your eyes could be wrong
Who is waiting at your gate?
`A minute’
At the table, there
You will wait
A cup of coffee will steam
To the loo? May be
That is the way to the toilet?

Prepare you’d speak
At hand,
Beer and wine he brought
In no time,
A crate to serve the night
And there you are
Your heart, the suspicion
Will be in silence
You want to get home?

He doesn’t pick you from work
Till late!
Perhaps, at his favorite spot
There I should check


Mmmmgh! There you are
Having fun, his week day out,
Pretty girls hang around
You can’t stand this,
The scene so hot!

You have to get home!

Who is in there
The living room
The door to the kitchen
Its open,
As the radio is playing!
And who lies on your bed?

Your fears
Would you speak,
My ear would listen, though deep in-
My heart, this time, another time around,
A better game plan!

The Sleek