Motivational Speaker/ George WafulaUI

The CHOICE OF FRIENDS is also among those choices ranking high that a young person has to make.

At adolescent/teens stage, young people tend to be more attached to their friends than their parents.

They hang out more with and seek opinion about their challenges from their friends more than from their parents.

As a result, this shapes who they become. That is why the choice of close friends that a young person makes is too critical to be taken for granted.

A wise saying goes, “Show me your friends and I will tell you your character. ”

The holy bible says, “Bad company ruins good morals. “(1Corithians 15:33). Another text says, “As iron sharpens iron, so is the countenance of friends. “(Proverbs 27:17).

Since bad company ruins good morals, it therefore follows that good company builds good morals.

Thus good friends will postively impact who you are while the converse is also true.

I owe my success in education and other aspects of life to God-given friends I used to hang out with since primary school.

From class group discussions, church, school clubs etc. Amos Wanyama was one of my closest friends in high school.

He would always challenge me to aim higher in my academics.

He was my competitor in class for top position, but ours was a healthy competition.

He would always pull me from a noise making crowd and challenge me with these words I fondly remember, “George, let’s burry ourselves into books. Let’s work for our future! ”

Amos read story books beyond the set books.

Oftenly he would ask me, “Which book are you currently reading? ”

As such I developed passion for books and was ingrained with a high reading culture to date.

Come KCSE I ranked top in my class.

There are many valuable friends who I had and still have that time and space here can’t allow me to list.

The choice of friends and its impact on a young person cannot be over-emphasized. Who are your friends?

What value do they add to your life? Do they push you to do the right thing or a wrong one?

Do they lead you to right or wrong places? Do they draw you towards God or away from him?

Do they push you to study and build your career, pray, sing in church etc or do they lead you to indulge in drinking, sexual escapades, drug abuse, disobedience among other evils?

Given another chance, will you still retain the friends you have today?

Ever since you hooked up with your current friends, what impact have they had on you?

Would you be bold enough to review your associations and drop off those who are leading you to destruction.

Would you trust God to bring in your life valuable friends?

As a parent, teacher or guardian, do you know close friends to your teens?

My dear beloved young generation, you are as good as your associations.

Choose your close friends wisely. Ask for advise from parents, teachers, mentors and those wise people who are ahead of you when in dilema.

Create meaningful associations, they impact your destiny. Won’t you?