Being human is a challenge in itself. You are all wondering why I would state that,yes its just another headache on top of all others that we have as well.I’ll explain ,first off being human means having zero satisfaction. You get this today, you want that tomorrow, you get that tomorrow you want something else the next day. Either way no one has qualified to escape that we are all trapped in this wanting- more attitude.

Before I bring out my real deal,I’ll trade my piece of sanity with your time. Funny enough we are all human but we find ourselves in different caliber, the three classes, the rich,middle and the poor.The poor compare themselves to the middle class while the middle class wants so badly to be like the rich. We forget the saying that goes “cut your coat according to your cloth.” If you can’t afford this why go for it…if you can’t afford this kind of food why run for it…why crack your brains out on things that you can’t afford. Luxury !luxury !luxury!… Everyone wants a luxurious life, but for now have fun only where you can manage.

This is where my point invades now,life is a familiar situation filled with stories of people who ultimately, triumph despite the insurmountable odds.Which everyone does try to make it out to the other tunnel successfully. But now ,if you weigh the pros and cons of wanting a 100% satisfying life you’ll give up on a lot.All the evil activities that emerge in the society are all due to this very motive.Wanting to be morw than what you can afford to be.

You ever wondered why some people steal? Why they kill ? Why they, cry,stress,blame,criticize and all the others. Go investigate wisely ,you’ll notice the ideal backbone of it all,is the pressure of wanting more. Why stress yourself on buying a car when the money you have can only buy a bicycle? Why cry over missing an expensive private school while you can afford a public school with the same curriculum. Why steal an iPhone while you can buy a simple android that performs the same purpose.We always complicate life and cry out again that life is unfair. Be fair to yourself first ,only get what you can afford.

We all go wrong,by just that simple thought that that person owns this ,I want it too…he has this car ,i must get one too.. She has a beautiful purse I want it too…this forces us to steal,hate,get jealous and much worse can only be stress free when you run your things inaccordance to your pocket.