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The Sleek, a Kenyan- youth- LED- organization specialized in Media Diplomacy. Through its vast youth-interest business models around media production, The Sleek aims at using media tools in bridging the knowledge gap on Foreign Policy dynamics, local governance processes and communities as decision takers— in setting the stage for transformation of youth of Eastern and Central Africa (ECA). Research shows that young people can and do play an active role as agents of positive and constructive change. The adoption of Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security marks the formal recognition of the positive role young women and men can play in the maintenance of international peace and security as well as in the United Nations Youth 2030 agenda.

The Sleek’s work spans creative arts, communication for development, space making, and integrates evidence and perspectives on governance, the economy, gender and human health.

We have partnered with production companies to establish quarterly music and video production clinics where we provide music studio access to youth involved in arts and provide them with proper guidance and career mentorship. We build the capacity of creative producers and youth involved in creative arts, provide media production equipment supplies, continuously monitor and assess individuals enrolled in our creative programmes, enhance community awareness and involvement as well as boost holistic mental health care among our participants as we promote the global Sustainable Development agenda of leaving no one behind. From 2010 to date a lot has been done, however significant efforts need to be made to support the sustainability of the achievements realized so far and future growth to reach 500 creative youth every year.

The Sleek Music & Productions Studio Team