N’Nuel/ Diplomat

In the 1950’s Kenya was on its way to achieving independence
There were few learned persons
Those who were most privileged were those who had being taken out to fight the world wars
And now had some insight on the real side of a White man’
They knew, somehow, why he was so powerful
And in reality, they now knew he feared death and that he could die just like them, because, anyway, if he feared not, he would not have taken them captive and forced them to the war
So came 1963
Persons who were born during this time who were at least 13 years and above including the likes of Raila were now big boys learning from our grandfathers
Our grandfathers, most of them late now, born in the 1920s Moi birth time, realized that knowledge and understanding the ways of the White-man was through schooling
So they took their sons, our fathers to school
In class four you could pursue a career and become a teacher
That is the much the white man opened for them
So that generation grew up, each of them aiming to be a teacher
You could not be anything else
Perhaps the Kikuyus, because Kenyatta made them chief and heads of villages
Then opened standard six exams, then form 2 and form 6
The much you could do was to be a higher level teacher, that is why we have so many old teachers’
In 1980s, as college education was opening up
you could now specialize into banking
But majority were still leaning on teaching, that’s all they knew. That was the future of liberating a young country like Kenya.
It was a proven graph, Tim said so
A few became nurses after form 2, others lawyers like Muite
Standard Group’s legal advisor
And others went to media which was now becoming popular with the Standard
Then came the 1982 coup
Times were changing and the country needed more resourceful people
After the coup, the few who had shifted careers got new jobs
In 1992, times changed even more as multi-partism entered the scene
Form 6 guys and university guys were now growing in numbers in the political scene
So guys were urged to start mastering crafts
Scholarships were availed
Few bought the idea of mastering in a craft
So bachelors degrees were on the increase
By 2002, a few masters graduates were in the market and NGOs were now entering the country to support some serious campaigns like malaria and HIV
Masters graduates took the day- the rest were now seen masters to be a proven graph
So they all took in too start pursuing masters and PhD scholarships abroad opened up
Few took research seriously
It was permanent destruction and waste of time for the sharp scholars
So govts and the NGOs started delving into research
And this opened a whole new filed, for you to be employed, you needed research skills, PhD skills
From an international university
Few still could not see it as a dependable curve, but now, after seen the NGO reports and new job positions of leadership privileging only PhD holders, PhD then grew in value
Came 2005, the rise of social media after the internet was becoming popular with Yahoo
Facebook was coming to life
In 2007, you could create Facebook accounts using Yahoo
And advertise on Yahoo
Few companies embraced the idea of email and continued posta-ring letters and jobs
Times started changing, Facebook went solo and Google was growing fast and saw the emergence of a new visual host of entertainment called You Tube in 2009
You Tube replaced Yahoo’s Flickr
Skype and the like became more popular, however, communities resisted this out of religious set backs and such like mindsets
In 2015, a new world came to birth; the world shifted from Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), describing the agenda 2030, which is human and environment guided kind of model.
This time, everyone who has an internet presence or knowledge was a priority to be adopted for work
Digitization and denationalization was key; those who went to private sector have being travelling the world before they were to a pause by the 2020 pandemic.
Be sure not to be thrown outside the curve. Study graphs and see the future

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