The Sleek Academy AWARDS


The Sleek Academy Awards

Founded in 2016, The Sleek Academy Awards aims at honoring more than 50 young people releasing 50 statuettes and nominating hundreds of significant youth annually in the world of arts and other creative areas that influence the empowerment of young people in preparation of their near future. Our main focus is mainly influenced by persons participating in the promotion of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Over the past years, The Sleek Academy Awards has grown in stature, scope and appreciation, and has quickly become the benchmark by which young people measure their efforts toward implementation of future visions as such as the highly rated agenda 2030

The Goals of the sleek Academy Awards are to:

  • Promote and connect young people supporting the cause of SDGs across Africa
  • Create opportunities for aspiring youth leaders, activists and entrepreneurs
  • Create benchmarks and help raise the standards of business approaches by young people
  • Promote local youth and their unique work to reach a global market
  • Strengthen the spirit of togetherness as a PeaceBuilding model through celebrating excellence in their work

|The Vision

The Sleek Academy Awards is Kenya’s premier SDGs Awards Ceremony whose main vision is to Promote, Expose and Celebrate young people’s initiatives in Kenya and across Africa. Since its inception in 2016, over 1,000 artists/youth leaders and groups have signed the agreement to support the cause by participating in nominations in place of awards presented to 50 young people supporting implementation of SDGs across Africa.

The Sleek Academy Awards continues to cultivate interactivity, friendliness, unity, etc among the Youth in Kenya and across the East African region.

The Sleek Academy Awards Objective

o To REACH OUT to the youth of this generation through CREATIVE and PERFORMACE ARTS
o To ENRICH and EQUIP young people in their capability and potential to be drivers of change in influencing decisions affecting them across the world
o PROMOTE and CONNECT young leaders across Africa by providing a networking platform
o Raise the STANDARDS in the approach used by youth in business
o Open doors for UPCOMING ASPIRING young leaders and young entrepreneurs
o  Promote local youth and their unique work to reach a global market


o It plays an integral part in our DAILY lives
o It’s an effective tool to REACHING out to the YOUTH of this generation
o It has the POWER to influence positive behavior
o It Promotes common GOALS and OBJECTIVES geared towards positive growth of the youth
o The Sleek Academy Awards have played a big role towards the GROWTH of social and entrepreneurial skills among youth across the East African region

We are committed to NURTURING Young Talents and to be RELEVANT to today’s youth culture to strengthen the spirit of togetherness in PEACEBUILDING.

The Sleek Agenda for Africa Youth

The media and new age technology has REVOLUTIONIZED the view of inclusion of young people in inclusion to governance, post conflict and other decision making processes affecting young people in Kenya, East Africa and Africa as a whole.
The Sleek is working closely with other high level youth leaders and groups to ensure a solid FOUNDATION for sustainable growth of the SDGs.  In this regard, The Sleek works with the artists on areas of concern, which include and are not limited to;

o The CALL – Understanding the place of youth in society
o Content of the knowledge material distributed to young people
o Skillful growth of The Sleek Academy participants
o Emphasis of the message as opposed to the participant
o Young people social responsibilities

o Have more young people funding young people
o The Sleek seeks to promote SDGs as a message of HOPE and an avenue of MOTIVATION to address all the issues affecting the young people across the African Continent
o The Sleek further recognizes that the African Youth are a great part of the SOLUTION and a KEY RESOURCE to be tapped for the benefit of the whole Continent

The Sleek Academy Awards


The Sleek Academy Awards is the annual awards ceremony held annually every June 30th in Kenya and now spreading wings across Africa. It seeks to promote, expose and celebrate young people supporting the cause of the United Nations through implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals both in Kenya and East Africa. The Sleek Academy Awards honors outstanding excellence in the implementation of SDGs for young people in different fields of expertise in Kenya, both through applying talent and professionalism.



The Sleek Tour

|Be the Change

This Inspiration celebrated tour unites the youth of Kenya together for an incredible concert line-up with artists and other celebrated young people. It highlights talent within the regions and showcases talent from winners and nominees of The Sleek Academy Awards. The country wide tour wraps the series up at the mega Awards ceremony.

The Sleek Academy

Led by THE SLEEK COMMUNITY seeks to enhance each young person’s skills and talents to reach their full potential. The fun filled sessions also aim at creating Fun filled recreational team building activities too.

The Sleek Academy curriculum adopts are more informal system of the normal academia system by mobilizing young people and offering them vocational training to prepare them for future employment, entrepreneurial skill programs and other life skills exchange programs to build resilience among tomorrow’s generation.

Established in 2016, The Sleek Academy is an organization of young people venturing in creative arts: musicians, songwriters, producers, engineers, and recording professionals dedicated to improving the cultural condition and quality of life for young people using creative arts. Internationally known for the Sleek Academy Awards — the preeminent peer-recognized award for youth excellence and the most credible brand in rewarding efforts towards SDGs — the Sleek Academy is responsible for groundbreaking professional development, cultural enrichment, advocacy, education, and human services programs. The Sleek Academy continues to focus on its mission of recognizing young people’s excellence, advocating for the well-being of young people in the world and ensuring that young people’s livelihoods remains an indelible part of our global culture. The Sleek Academy enrolls students and young people from Age 12 to 35 to capacity building and other youth empowerment training programs. Young people interact with high level persons, high profile leaders and network in readiness for facing young people’s development challenges of today and tomorrow. The academy also aims at creating awareness about SDGs and the general works of the United Nations.

Our members include:

  • Young leaders
  • Artistes
  • Role Models
  • Philanthropists
  • Youth Representatives
  • a wide range of professionals working to support the cause of empowering youth through creating awareness and  implementation of SDGs and the agenda of #leavenoonebehind


The Academy is governed by an experienced group of top professionals, who help oversee capacity building and youth exchange programmes across the country. Our key areas are deeply involved in their local communities, providing professional development and networking opportunities for youth members from all backgrounds.

Definition of Youth

Any one between the age brackets of 12- 35 years old is qualified to take part in this initiative. We have programmes and mentorship initiatives tailored for students in high school, university and young processionals.

Other Academy Benefits

Members to the company are trained on life skills and entrepreneurial management programmes with an emphasis on understanding SDGs.

The academy seeks to find and establish potential among members and support in sourcing resources that over a wide range of financial, medical and personal emergencies during the program.

All trainings in the academy are aligned to the 17 global goals of the United Nations.


The Advocacy and publicity relations office seeks to amplify the voice of young innovators in national policy matters and represents them in creating platforms for their discovery to sell their products.

Apply for Membership

Creativity and Innovation, even in its simplest form, involves multiple elements working together, each phase just as crucial as the others. Individually, a phase is just a part of processes. Collectively it is power. The common running thread through the creatives world community, regardless of your role in it, is our passion and respect for the power of young people. It drives us in the creative process, galvanizes us to fight for our legal rights and protections, and inspires us to pass on our knowledge to the next generation. It transcends genres, geography, and professions.

This is your opportunity to add your voice to ours. Take a minute to explore The Sleek Academy and how you can directly benefit from being a member.

As a member of The Academy you can take advantage of opportunities both in person and online that are designed to help you grow professionally.

Benefits of Academy Membership

  • Enjoy 24/7 access to your digital hub for Academy membership which features a growing digital library of career resources providing insights and inspiration on new age digital business skills
  • A private online community of young professionals from around the country (and the world) to grow your personal network and share experiences
  • An Opportunities board to post and find: jobs and more
  • Attend local professional development and networking events to learn from experts, socialize, share your work and solicit feedback from your peers
  • Submit projects for The Sleek Academy Awards consideration
  • Speak out collectively to protect the rights of young people and advance their interests on important policy matters
  • Participate in the sleek COMMUNITY on education and nature-human services programs and initiatives such as The Sleek Tour, Tick A Smile in The Schools and so much more
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts for gear, specific services, conferences, and festivals

A one year membership begins at $10 (estimated at KSH 1,000- 1,100 depending on conversion rate). The Sleek Academy approves membership at its sole discretion based on the assessment of the material submitted.

All Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to pursuing a professional music industry career.

Applicants are required to substantiate their career through an online/web presence, marketing materials or other documentation such as:

  • Social media accounts ownership
  • Publicly available information
  • Other documentation that substantiates his/her interest in SDGs


Students and young people, primarily between ages 12 to 35, who are currently enrolled full-time in a college or university or attending a trade school with a desire to work in the areas of SDGs upon graduation, during short or long holiday breaks.

To join The Sleek Academy you must meet ONE of the following membership qualifications:

  • Attending a school or technical training institution
  • Major or have identified an area of specialization
  • Planning to work to support the implementation of SDGs

Visit www.thesleekacademywards/  to apply.

The Sleek Academy Awards is run by The Sleek TELEVISION.


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