The Sleek SACCO



The sleek Sacco was founded to serve the common bond among the sleek TV staff. After the opening of the common bond, membership is targeted to widen to include family members of already present members, employees from related technology companies and also individual membership outside the common bond.

The sleek Sacco not only focuses on individual memberships but Chama’s, groups, Corporates and Mergers with small Sacco’s.


The Society is managed by Board Members comprising of 12 members and 3 supervisory Committee. The Sacco has one branch in Nairobi, Kenya but there are plans to open other branches across the country since membership was opened to

The public

Members are well represented in all regions by select ambassadors. The champions are trained on Sacco products and services hence they act as eye of the Sacco in the regions. They also represent members in their regions during AGM and Ambassador Forums.


In the next ten years, the Sacco aims at achieving several overall goals, which include:

  • Being a one-stop shop for financial services for the members,
  • Growing the SACCOs member base to 10,000 members,
  • Attaining a loan portfolio of 10 billion Kenyan Shillings and saving base of 10 billion Kenyan Shillings and becoming a top 10 ranking in the SACCO sector.